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Bell Project
We received a bell that had been broken into two pieces. The bell was brought up to roughly 1400 degrees in one of our ovens. It was tack welded in a few places to hold the two pieces together. Our oven fusion process allowed us to add our cast iron rod around the bell until all the crack was filled in. After the bell was slowly cooled, it was ground back to its original form using hand air grinders. This is the finished product.

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Pump Housing Project
This pump housing came to us with a large piece broken off. Our welders made a jig to hold all the pieces in place while they were welded together. After the welding process, the housing went to our Rottler F99Y machining center. At this stage we machined the pump housing back to its original specifications and drilled all bolt holes that were filled in the welding process. The final product has all the fit, form, and function of the original, at a fraction of the price to replace the housing.

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